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eco friendly home and personal care products

Want to produce less waste in the home and start leading a more 'eco-friendly' life? 

There is no such thing as complete zero-waste; whatever you buy or consume will be in some sort of packaging. The best thing you can do is make better choices on what you buy; is the packaging recyclable? is the packaging plastic-free - if not - can the plastic be recycled? is the plastic single-use or reusable? is the product reusable? what is the product made from? are the materials harming to the environment? can the product be recycled?  is the material its made from sustainable? can it be composted? will it biodegrade? 

I've tried to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible with the products I've sourced for this site.
Some items are plastic - but are not single use and are recyclable at the end of its life.