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Did you know it's not expensive to be eco friendly?

Did you know it's not expensive to be eco friendly?
Here are a few simple ideas;

Tips to be easily eco in your home (and save money!)

- Unplug/switch off unnecessary devices like your mobile phone charger, the TV on standby, the hairdryer and printer. If these items are not completely switched off they still consume energy.
- Switch off lights you are not using.
- Remember to recycle your rubbish, check with your local council if you are unsure what to do with certain items.
- Buy secondhand books - try charity shops or eBay sell secondhand.
- Instead of buying clothes from ‘fast fashion’ places, think about upcycling your current clothes, mixing and matching new combinations, accessorising or perhaps do a clothes swap with some friends and family, or try charity shops. I’ve bought some great dresses from charity shops.
- With food, remember ‘Best Before Date’ doesn’t mean you should throw it away on that date, it just means it will be safe after this date but might not be at its best - use your judgement! Ripe fruit can be made into pies, crumbles, smoothies, desserts. Vegetables can be added to stir fry's, soups and smoothies.

Easy inexpensive swaps

- Always take a reusable shopping bag when you go shopping. You can buy them everywhere now.
- Don’t use the single-use plastic food bags - use the paper option or bring your own food produce bags.
- Make sure everyone in the family has a reusable water bottle and if you like to buy tea/coffee from cafes then keep a reusable cup in your bag/car.
- Use wax wraps to replace clingfilm (clingfilm is not recyclable). Use this for packed lunches and to cover/wrap food.
- Look out for ‘bulk food shops’ where you can take your own containers (like Klip lock or washed empty jars) to refill your herbs, spices, pasta, nuts, rice, porridge to name a few things.
- Try swapping to soap rather liquids in plastic bottles. You can get shampoo/conditioner soap, shaving soap, body soap, in a cardboard box.
- Try using a bamboo toothbrush, the handle is biodegradable and it's much less plastic than buying a full plastic one.
- Buy less, buy better! Not all plastic is bad plastic - refuse single-use.
- And finally, try where you can to support your local businesses.

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