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"I purchased 3 different soaps from this site and to say they are amazing is an understatement.  The soap bars have a great texture and the scent is clean and fresh.  You get a lot for your money with these gems.  I will definitely be buying these again for myself and friends; they would make great gifts."

Review by Simmi Woodwal, 9th July 2020

"I recently purchased some body care products, the lemongrass body butter and the cool rose hand balm. They smell divine and are amazing quality. Highly recommended! The service was excellent and the website is really simple to navigate. I’ve really been thinking about how I can contribute positively to the environment and so my journey begins. I look forward to ordering more products."
Review by Nazreen Visram, 9th July 2020

"I've been using my bamboo face cloth and reusable face pads for a week now and I'm so happy ! Skin feels clean and soft! I love knowing I don't need to buy make up wipes and cotton pads and can reuse the products after a simple spin in the washing machine! I'm slowly becoming more conscious of how I can reduce the amount of beauty products that are wrapped / packaged or made out of plastic that I buy, it's easy to forget to be mindful of this when it comes to beauty and self care - thanks for providing others and I an easy way to explore more options! Will definitely be buying more!"
Review by Jasleen Banwaitt, 9th July 2020


"I received my order yesterday and I’m really pleased with all of the items, especially the Loofco washing up pad which I’m already getting a lot of use from and I prefer it to the standard kitchen sponge which I was using before. All of the products are of great quality and they arrived promptly (in eco friendly packaging)."
Review from Sarah Nicholls, 11th July 2020

"The birth of my son almost four years ago made me pay serious attention to our diminishing environment. My eco market store goodies are great because I feel like I am treating myself and being kind to our environment too. I am very pleased with the natural loofah washing up pads and brush. I must admit, I was dubious about replacing my traditional washing sponges but so far they have proved to be as effective. I bough myself the scence Bitter Orange lip balm and the Cool Rose body balm. I can't get enough of the latter. It has a great smell and feels great on my skin. I like it so much that I have been applying it on my face at night"
Review from Neelu Sharma, 13th July 2020

"Very excited! I've just received my first order from @ecomarketstore. I'm trying to be more sustainable and use less plastic in every day life. Eco market store has lots of great products from face care to household goods. It gave me lots of ideas on how I can be eco-friendly. The website was user friendly and the service was great too - I'll definitely be ordering more!"
Review from Rupa Kotecha-Smith, 28th August 2020